Pleased to say I have work up in issue 1 of Rivulet, from last month, that is important early texture/healing basis for current direction of my writing – also alongside fantastic work of Sophia Terazawa and others.

Also have hypertexture sketches as language ideas, from autumn junk, in spring edition of After the Pause, worth checking back issues and things for huge stacks of experimental work.

Thanks am in current state of extended meditation.


pleased to say i have some written/visual poems in Otoliths

check out for textures.

At Night

my arm is round S and we are reading something, she is playing with my fingers. M asks what i am doing. neither of us respond.


i was mean to S.


headline gig at the hobbit, full stage set with sliding wall and single window. everyone is there to watch. M is front centre.


animals are being put down on petri dishes. V climbs onto me and dies in my arms. i cry.


walking over the hill. a clearing before the summit, rows of cans of wd40 and oil and junk. haggard man rambling, pacing in striped pyjamas. hurry past but johan follows with legs in a sack and wearing a gimp mask.


with agent cooper in unfamiliar house looking for clues. S on two posters and she is next, distraught, can’t get in touch with her.

Parenthesis[ – A collection of formative writing

At some time around around the middle of 2014, about a year and a half after I started writing, I put together this manuscript with poems of personal importance and scans from my first notebook, which no-one had ever seen before.

I forgot about it and rediscovered it on my hard-drive this morning. I hope you enjoy this insight into the early stages of my writing.


It seems I’ve sort of neglected to post much here over the last few months. I’ll put up some of things I’ve been holding on to over the next few days.