i am happy in the
i am happy in
i am happy. i slipaslide
over the scaly cobbles like
a clock tower
like the cathedral castle
kafka's gorgeous letters (to father/dear felice)
melt into goulash|i slurp a friendly
dinner|absinthe mindedly i dissolve
in coldwater/too turgid to see
a verminou creepy crawly. i am
no hungry artist

            eating his jewish
       birthhouse in catholic
      blackstone - k could've
been content in my limeshome.

i am so easily
a man: a continent from
constance/a me
tre from the tree 
trunks(an inch from ______s)
(a world from ameri
(a country
from france)

                           of all the things in all the world, i'm happy
                           that i'm me.


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