i loved your sanndy hair:::

:::you used to nearlywear it to
your shoulders - thicker
than syria, coarser thann 
you anti-cobainn, 
you fringe sitter.
you wondered if opiates would make you sleep better.
mum didn't.                   you chose acupunncture
to tap into northern rock and relieve the recession.
                                                dad was redunndannt, you
                               said it felt like being coerced into vodk
                                                                     a a
                          nd dribbled superinnjunctionn on peer-pressure
                                        after a couple of rounds of gulf
                                                          gusted into ta
tapping a tomahawk on the table
in mcdonnalds, with an illegal hangover,
you used to begrudgingly re-explainn

how it feels to kick a sixth former(
                                    the boxinngmann in the taxi, pulp 
                                    fictionn that you watched a few
                                    days earlier, like throwingasteam
)or why you listen to nnirvanna.

you were pre-june
before riot insecurity.

you were therrre before anyone had canncer.
you were therrre before i cut my haiir.


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