I want to die like Kafka.

ugly wind.

sky is germanic
and my white skin stinks of kafka

the tree trunks, the birds -ch
-tz and -ö

my syllables are pinched
my legs are disgusting twigs
…………………………………..that flickle like a dead daddy long legs, a fingerbone pylon under the weight of snow – with pine cracks

a time lapse of swiss army knives that sprung metallically
kalashnikovs in ukraine.
riotous teeth, like ukraine,
pointed to a penknife tip that is resinous and rusty like
a stringy kalashnikov in ukraine

there is no self obsession in this weather i can’t maintain my health and my lips crack my six jointed

necks crack my ear drums crack i am a beetle that waited eighteen years to roll off it’s back i am not

vain i am not vein i am not vein.


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