…like i have too many facebook tabs open
i’m solid state, mis-soldered
schematic because i only listen but i
can’t resonate or vibrate like a super-
-syntax error manifesting itself in
every dimension above the original mistake:

i open every conversation in a single
window through everythingness, and every-one
reads itself “i’m getting better at people but
i’d rather be fulfilled and never eat than comfortable/
complacent/systematically fed”. i give them an hour
before school (five days a week) so i can write
about each blob of flux where the shortcut wires

and program hair to nerve bundle knots that
forget how to smile in metre and run so awkwardly
that simple numbers from lips feel the same
as having never kissed or
been as much a part of
someone as a mobile


screen avoids, ignores, drips
as i use it like a mirror – stare down
the microchip its clutter reflects me
better, or worse
the universe (once a pixelated
picture on my iris) is
gravitationally lensed on
my moral fibres. “I



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