(apocalyptic) i atoned
the garden shed
and toy-like i lower
the heavens.
drink dreamers crushed
as walk sleepers:
as plastic box beetles
i unincarcerated.

there are notepads, ever
borrowed library books,
in the rock pile behind
my hypothalamus. there
are sluggish snails crawling
atop themselves, unrealising.
they live pinched between their own
shoulder blades.

i chased the wolves, bears, brawlers(
haggard, slovenly muggers) then
irradiated them.

absolving. absorbing the country-
-side into cityside into self-
-side. i grow the tarmac
roots to the granite and de-
-cide to walk
until the shed rots to garages.

everything i touch becomes home
i become the shell that holds




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